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AHL Advance Homebrew Library Demo for PS3

Uploaded by PS4 News - 10-25-2010

AHL Advance Homebrew Library Demo for PS3 by Slynk.

Here's a sneak peak at what xwolfi and I have been working on.

Notice: This is a very early release of the library. A lot may not work, work correctly, or just plain not exist in the future.

I made a very small demo of the 2D library I've been working on. Depending on your controller, the movement code may be a bit fickle (trying to find a good test zone for the sticks still. The sticks are never directly in the center.) Just inch it closer to the center to stop the movement. Left stick controls the image position and the right stick controls the camera... not that you could tell from this perspective but they do accomplish different things.

Thought I'd give a breakdown of the library for those wanting to know what it can do:

GL.h -- Functions for initializing PSGL in a 3D Environment

2D/GL2D.h -- Functions for initializing PSGL, and drawing, in a 2D environment

2D/Sprite.h -- Class for storing the position of images in a more friendly coordinate system (0,0 is top left of the sprite AND the screen)

io/console.h -- Functions for writing to the console

io/DebugFont.h -- Functions for simplifying libdbgfont

io/Pad.h -- Very useful class for testing the controller for input

network/Socket.h -- Working class to handle simple network interactions

texture/PNG.h -- Class for initializing, and loading PNGs from the app directory.

tools/Thread.h -- For multi-threaded functionality.

tools/dialog.h & tools/InformationDialog.h -- Used to load up dialog menus.

Currently Working On:

Animation by using multiple png images as frames. Status 90%
Animation by using sprite sheet (png) and text coords. Status 15%
JPEG loader. Status 0%
Multi-threading the Image load Process. Status 0%