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Open Manager v2.1E for PS3

Uploaded by PS4 News - 10-22-2010

Open Manager v2.1E for PS3 from wuepe.

Changes REV E:

- Added various game configurations and settings are saved for each game selected.
- Added an option to require the major version patch 3.41, before always activated by default, it is not necessary for all games, only for new, so it is best to take it out and select in the game required
- Removed Start to start playing automatically, but now is a parameter that is saved per game, so you only have to select the game you work with this option, which will be saved for the next time you want to open, now checkered
- Removed option to backup BR-DISC, since it is the same as the Copy
- Added parameter to make games that require disc to work, now if you mark a game with this option, if you have no disc in the reader, will not let you open it, so that we avoid a crash the console, wanting release a game that requires hard when we have not inserted.
- Fixed patching of L1, so only run it when we launched the game, it was unnecessary to run only when you press L1, IVAM and then not release a game that required it, was still active patch memory.
- Show error messages when you want to mount a game that internal drive, when we activate an option in the payload is not implemented, or when we have inserted a disk and mark we want to play a game that requires it.
- Unified code to compile the original version without requiring OMAN01234 OMAN46756 or have two sources for each.
- Changed Combination of L1 R1 START START to change the path where to find games on the internal disk.

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