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PSN Update Finder v1.0 Perl Script for OSX

Uploaded by PS4 News - 10-22-2010

PSN Update Finder v1.0 Perl Script for OSX by chocobo.

You probably have Perl on your OSX, so here is a Perl script that you can try:

You'll need XML::Simple module installed (no idea how OSX handles it, but you probably have 'cpan' tool if you have Perl, so run "cpan", then "install XML::Simple"), since I couldn't be arsed to parse XML manually late at night. Needed something quickly, so I made it quickly (that's what Perl is for )

Easy to modify (if you want to make it loop or make it threaded), but I have absolutely no intention of updating this in any way for anyone. Don't even really know why I bother posting it, but I guess it might make some people learn some Perl, and that's always a good thing

Also, I've noticed that some IDs will not return a 404, but you'll get an empty response back (with 200 HTTP code). No idea what's that about, and why some IDs return that, but there is nothing we can do about it.