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PS3 Prox v3.3

Uploaded by PS4 News - 07-12-2010

PS3 Prox v3.3 proxy tool for the PlayStation 3 by gamer196 of the South African PS3 Community (

It includes both a .Net Framework 3.5 (Windows 7) and .Net Framework 2.0 (Windows XP) version and PDF help documentation.

1. Minimize PS3 Prox to the System Tray
2. Set PS3 Prox to start on Windows Startup
3. Ability to Edit and Delete PSN Links in the Replace Files tab
4. Sorting of PSN Links in the Replace Files tab
5. Set PS3 Prox to automatically check for new PS3 Firmware on Startup
6. Add Multiple PSN Items to the Replace Files tab
7. Download PSN Items without having to worry about losing the connection and having to restart the download (Note: need to use a download manager – e.g. Free Download Manager)
8. Download PS3 Firmware Updates
9. Download PSN Items from any PC and “upload” them to your PS3/PSP at any tme
10. Check what the latest PS3 Firmware Version is and an option to download file

Note: You must be signed into PSN in order to use this, so those on PS3 Firmware 3.15 won't be able to use it to bypass the FW update and log into PSN.