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PS3 Firmware Check All-In-One Remover

Uploaded by PS4 News - 04-09-2010

PS3 Firmware Check All-In-One Remover by dc740.

I was tired of changing files to configure the DNS server on linux... and the available proxy servers had two issues:

*they didn't let me update my PSN games (like Hustle kings)
*and they didn't include the source code... so I didn't know what they where doing

So I wrote a simple program (PS3 Firmware Check All-In-One Remover) that uses the known DNS method to bypass the firmware check... but with one difference... you only have to configure 1 line in 1 file, and that's it... then you just run it (windows/linux/anything that supports java).

1) HOW TO configure the ps3:
Configure as always but in the Primary DNS selection, put the IP of the computer that is running the program

2) HOW TO configure the program:
Edit the file "" (inside "dnsconf" folder)
change "" for the IP of the computer that is going to run the program (yes, it's the same as the first step)

3) HOW TO change locale:
By default, the program has the Mexican update file (updateFiles/updates.txt). Change it to your needs... the possible files are inside "updateFiles/alternatives" folder... choose the one you like, and copy the contents to "updateFiles/update.txt"

Note: you can't log in to PSN if you have an EU console but you use the US update file. So change it depending on your location. You may like to try different update files, different firmware versions, etc.

The 3.21 update files are included as demonstration only. Don't use them, since it will ask you to update your system (and that's exactly what you are trying to avoid)

4) HOW TO Run the program:
Windows users: Double click on run.bat
Linux users: Run "chmod 750" the first time (you don't have to repeat this step the next time), to be able to execute it. Then run ""...
Other OS users: Run "java -jar ps3noupdate.jar"

There are no system required libraries, nor extra configuration. This is all you need. After that you should be able to log in successfully to the PSN.

The attachment includes the application source code in Java too.

I hope you like it.