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PS3 Proxy Multi-Region Standalone Background Service

Uploaded by PS4 News - 04-07-2010

PS3 Proxy Multi-Region Standalone Background Service

no more ps3-updatelist.txt (automatic bypass for ANY region), no interface (as of now), no resource whoring, custom ini configuration

here's the core of my new proxy server app, i plan on making a gui as a separate exe eventually.. i just first want to make the engine spick and span

How to install?: Run it. Optionally you can specify port or max connections in the ini.

How to exit?: Ctrl+alt+del, no interface because that's how i want it..for now

How to Auto-start?: Drag the icon to Start->All Programs->Startup
so it looks like:

i'll install it as a real background my next version, i just wanted to make up for the previous broken release. also no source yet, i'll post it in a couple days when i have it cleaned up.