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Auto-start PS3 ProxyServer GUI With Source Code

Uploaded by PS4 News - 04-05-2010

Auto-start PS3 ProxyServer GUI With Source Code

ever wanted to auto-start your PS3 proxy server and run it as a background service? i made this little tool to do just that by controlling the api of PS3.ProxyServer.GUI.exe:

i fixed the auto-start, it shouldn't be buggy at all...also you can now use it with EU or any continent, just overwrite ps3-updatelist.txt

what does it do?:
-hides/shows the GUI completely
-automatic start-up with windows and hides itself
-automatically configures local IP
-after hiding the GUI, you can exit out of PS3ProxyController.exe..just run PS3ProxyController.exe again and click 'show' to show light = running, red light = stopped.

quick guide for auto-start:
1) run PS3ProxyController.exe
2) check Auto-start
3) close & re-run PS3ProxyController.exe
that's it!

source code included, made with visual basic 6.
i just threw it together for personal use, so it will be buggy

this will only work with 32bit windows systems (tested on xp)