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FCEultra v0.92 (No PSXLoader) NES Emulator for PS3

Uploaded by PS4 News - 02-20-2010

FCEultra v0.92 (No PSXLoader) NES Emulator for PS3.

You can have the roms on vmc or usb. should have .nes extension.

This version was compiled with modules from the scene to replace the missing ps2 bios modules on the ps3. so psxloader isnīt needed.

freesd for LIBSD
freeXsio2man for Xsio2man
freepad for Xpad
and Jimmikīs new Mc modules to replace XMcMan and Xmcserv

also the normal version wasnīt working on ps3īs without a EE chip. The smod function isnīt handled right so I had to make some small modifications for it to run on my PAL 60gb and also the NTSC 80gb ps3īs

Just boot directly with SwapMagic or use uLaunch. elf to boot.

If the screen is off center just go to the options menu to center it and then save the configuration.

Have Fun