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FCEultra v0.92 NES Emulator for PS3

Uploaded by PS4 News - 02-20-2010

FCEultra v0.92 NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) Emulator for PS3.

Thereīs something wrong with the FCEultra emu I posted. Iīm not sure what happened but it was an older version anyway. Hereīs 0.92 Beta. itīs the last version Raganarok posted the source to.

He also said newer versions would be compatible on the ps3 but I havenīt heard any news for awhile. If the need to center the screen on your TV, hit the select button to get to the emulators options. you can than save the configuration.

This elf can be launched directly from SM by renaming it to a SMB0OT#.ELF or with uLaunch.elf. You can still use it with psxloader. option D