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PS3 Media Server (Win32) v1.11.369

Uploaded by PS4 News - 12-26-2009

Changelog between r369 and r366:

Newest Windows binaries of FFmpeg, mplayer and mencoder. Mencoder-mt is *not* updated: you can try the one from sherpya here:
Auto rotation of images based on EXIF orientation, only on PS3
New option to start basic streaming in the #transcode folder (request of meskibob)
Static UUID, multiple server instances appearing on the renderer should be a thing of the past
A few bugfixes

Changelog between r366 and r363:

Some changes on Sony, Philips renderer support
Fix bug with subtitles search on large dir browsing

Changelog between r363 and r356:

Ability to choose the subtitles color
Audio transcoding to 48kHz by default on PS3 (new renderer parameter 'TranscodeAudioTo441kHz', feel free to tweak it)
Support of HTTP chunk encoding (from the client side)
Regional profiles support for Bravia TVs
New renderer parameter (see 'TranscodedVideoFileSize', for Samsung/Philips TVs maybe)
iTunes library support on Windows