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PSP MAME v0.97 r0.4 Fixes

Uploaded by CJPC - 08-25-2005

TMK has fixed the previous four MAME emulators that had a bad checksum on his original release. The fixed separate MAME emulators are: Konami, Sega, Namco and Taito. For those of you who missed the first post, in PSP MAME Release 4, TMK has changed:

- Core upgraded from 0.96 to 0.97
- Memory manipulation changed
- Fixed: Half of the screen got out of sync in Vertical mode
- Sound quality and performance improved
- Emulation speed corrected
- Analog input implementation mistake fixed
- Added the following search paths:
MAME will search current settings for file first, then turn to the paths above.
- Fixed: CFG saving (changes will be saved if any)
- Fixed: a part of driver freeze (Xevius, etc)