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PS3 DualShock 3 Device Driver v1.02

Uploaded by PS4 News - 01-12-2009

Japanese developer Tamamy Ikesu updated his old driver (not optimized for vibration) to v1.02.

Translated Notes: This driver is for USB-connected DUALSHOCK3 controller. Can not be PC made by SCEI SIXAXIS/DUALSHOCK3 will be able to use (USB connection only).. Bluetooth wireless communication is not supported.

Build Windows2000 driver is set to operate in the Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista is to make sure they are operating in SP1 driver vibration feature is only DUALSHOCK3.

There are 4 drivers in total

ds3drv_1.02 - Normal Driver
ds3drv_dx_1.02 - dx driver
SDDriverSetting - utility to tweak some settings
ForceFeedbackDriver - rumble driver, you need to install the first or second driver too

download either the first or second driver, then open the device manager and search for the dualshock/sixaxis under hid devices, it should be called USB Human Interface Device
then choose update driver and select the driver that you just downloaded

to install the rumble driver just right click on the .inf file and choose install
when you'll start a game you'll see a tray icon used to tweak rumble settings, the first menu option is to toggle rumble the second one will open a window where you can set the strength of the force feedback


the first value is the amplification ratio

the second one is the minimum value at which to start the small motors

the third and fourth one are the value of the large motors

the last value is probably the maximum strength