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PS3 Media Server (Win32) v0.99

Uploaded by PS4 News - 12-27-2008

I have hopefully fixed many bugs with network / transcoder / video compatibility and added as well the DVD ISO/VIDEO_TS transcoder, thanks to Mencoder. Also, the next version (1.00) will be most likely focused on bugs fixing / usability (something like auto-update, with saved parameters).

Here's the Changelog:

- New features:

DVD ISOs images / VIDEO_TS Folder transcoder
DVR-MS support (need feedback)
Better subtitles configuration
Small things: FAQ, Thumbnail seeking position, UI changes, New Options, etc.

- Fixes:

Network/Transcode buffer fix: Wifi/Homeplug streaming should be Ok now.
A/V out of sync correction
Unsupported data error on almost SD videos when maximum bitrate was fixed
tsMuxer broken on Linux
Videos with FLAC audio tracks are now muxed to LPCM, along with DTS
Video was paused due to seeking bug
Audio files parsing method changes (Hope this will solve issues with some flac files)
Better support for audio low sample rates (