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PS3 Media Server (Win32) v0.98

Uploaded by PS4 News - 12-27-2008

Some features were added, main one being the PCM transcoding for DTS movies. You may have some channels ordering issues, but workarounds are available in the Readme file.

Here's the complete changelog:

- New features:
Lossless 5.1 PCM transcoding with DTS movies
Customizable AviSynth script
Audio podcasts, just tested the one from Engadget
tsMuxer now working on Linux for basic muxing (don't forget to give it execution rights)
Web video streamdump engine (Useful for streams natively supported by ps3, such as mpeg on rtsp)
Maximum bitrate management
Small things: Runnable in console mode under Linux (" console"), Folder prioritization of a specific streaming/transcoding engine, Custom cover art, additional infos on thumbnails

- Fixes:
Potential network problem with Java/Vista + increase of packet ttl
Transcode will not start with potential error 80710091
Flac transcoder
Audio tags for all audio codecs
Faster start of audio transcoded files
Usual small bugs

- Changes:
Revamped inter process communication on Windows between Java/Mencoder/tsMuxer (much more elegant now).