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PS3 Media Server (Win32) v0.97

Uploaded by PS4 News - 12-27-2008

The new version (0.97) is now ready to be released ! I've added some interesting features, such as a graphical interface to configure the application (no more file to edit!), the ability to remux without transcode in real time for those running on Windows, thanks to tsMuxer, and some little other things. I've hopefully solved this annonying upnp advertising bug, which was preventing some people to make the server work on ps3.

Here is the complete changelog:

- Added: GUI Configuration / Transcoding options, encoding presets, etc.
- Added: Ability to choose the default transcoding engine (mencoder only, avisynth+mencoder, avisynth+ffmpeg, tsmuxer, or none)
- Added: tsMuxer as a real time muxer (experimental)
- Added: A good audio tag reader library (
- Fixed: Bugs in UPNP advertising. PS3 should see the server now (if not, please send the debug.log file in the application folder to ps3mediaserver at
- Fixed: Mencoder font cache bug which prevents transcode to start
- Fixed: DLNA errors due to character encoding
- Fixed: New folders were not refreshed automatically
- Fixed: (maybe) Network streaming performance issue (need feedback on this)