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PS3 System Update Bypasser BETA v0.1

Uploaded by PS4 News - 12-11-2008

My newest project is an easy way to bypass the PS3's system update. It is currently in beta stage and I would like anybody with a lower FW than 2.53 to test it please...

Release Notes:
- Bypasses the PS3 System Update!

- Windows pc, with the latest .net framework
- PS3 (duh)

- Download: PS3 System Update Bypasser
- Set up your ps3 to use your pc as a proxy (port 8080)
- Run the program, Press start.
- Try and log in...

Current Limitations:
- Cant browse the net via the PS3 web browser, other wise it might freezes...
- Random Freezes...

If you try, it may crash the program. (Still figuring out why...)