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SMS (Simple Media System) v2.9 For PS2

Uploaded by PS4 News - 11-18-2008

Changelog for Version 2.9 (Note updated language files)

- fixed incorect subtitle alignment when subtitle font horizontal size
is not equal to the default value of 32;
- slightly changed file autodetection algorithm;
- added baseline JPEG decoder (written from scratch) and rather primitive JPEG viewer. Sequence of images can also be viewed using the same button combinations as for audio/video playlists ("circle" for folder and "R1-circle" for the current folder). While in viewer following gamepad and remote control buttons can be used:
- left : previous slide;
- right/cross: next slide;
- triangle : exit;
- rectangle : zoom-in/zoom-out (only for images with resolution lower than screen one);

Note: decoder supports only baseline JPEGs at the moment. Progressive, loseless and other "exotic" files are not currently supported. Maximum image resolution that has been tested is 6912x4608 though higher resolution images should also be processed without problems;