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Rapid Fire PS3 Controller Mod Tutorial

Uploaded by PS4 News - 07-14-2008
Unload full clips on them busters at an alarming rate with this Sixaxis and Dualshock 3 controller mod. The tutorial details the necessary steps for old & new [controller] PCB layouts.

Required tools:

- Soldering iron (a cheap 15w/30w from Radio Shack; about $15)
- Solder (use rosin core solder from radio shack so there is no need for flux)
- Wire strippers (that can strip 30ga wire, a 30ga wire wrap tool from radio shack includes a 30ga stripper $8)
- Wire cutters
- Hot glue gun
- 3/16 drill bit (or close to it)
- Small pocket knife or razor blade (optional but helpful)

Be warned: using this mod while gaming online is considered cheating; donít be stupid, play fair.

Proceed with installation at your own risk.
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