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SMS (Simple Media System) v2.8 For PS2

Uploaded by PS4 News - 04-01-2008

EEUG has given us a new version of SMS to play with.

Changelog for Version 2.8 (Note updated language files)

- added FLAC audio support;
- added small (32 entries FIFO) history buffer for video clips. It is saved into 'SMS' folder on the memory
card. History is based on the absolute file name. Only clips that were ended by the user action (triangle
gamepad button) are added/updated to the history buffer and the buffer is saved automatically, so there
can be some pause when playback is ended by the user;
- added support for raw .ac3 audio files;
- added functionality to control vertical image position for video clips. It is available via player menu
during playback and may be useful to display subtitles more nicely;
- updated USB mass storage driver (added device handling with sector sizes other than 512 bytes);
- updated network driver;