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PS3 Hello World UT3 Mod Proof-Of-Concept

Uploaded by PS4 News - 04-01-2008

Before I reveal what my project is, I'd like to say what it is not:

I never said it was an Exploit
I never said it was unsigned code
I never said it was coded in C/C++
I never said it was an elf file nor a binary file

I did state that I found a way to program homebrew to the PS3.

And I did say I had a hello world proof of concept.

I did say it was a discovery and a method.. and that it works on retail ps3s with firmware 2.20.

Some people were claiming that I said that I don't have a make file and that I compile my code with the make command.

Well I don't have a make fille, and I do compile using the make command.

As for the printf("hello,world"); statement they made, it's true, I did send them that file, I made it in a few seconds because they woulden't leave me alone, they were badgering me "send me what you have NOW" they said, so I just jokingly sent them a fake main.c file. I knew they were up to something, once they saw I wasn't going to give them the source or info, they got mad and posted it as a negative to try and disprove me.

And yes it is done via a UT3 mod, going back to what I had said earlier about make files and the make command.. unrealscript compiler doesn't use make files from users, and I believe the command to "make" is "...UT3.exe" make