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SMS (Simple Media System) v2.7 For PS2

Uploaded by PS4 News - 03-02-2008

What's New?

Fixed problem with (S)VCD .DAT files. Thanks to 'Salacho' for the remark;

* USB mass storage driver is rewritten from scratch (though some elements from 'ps2dev's' one were used).

* Added support for up to 4 USB mass storage devices (FAT formatted) that are simultaneously connectedto the console. USB devices with multiple logical units (like -in-1 cardreaders) should also work(tested here with SWEEX CF004 53-in-1 cardreader with CF and SD cards)). Transfer speed varies depending on filesystem fragmentation (peak rate exceeds 800KB/s sometimes (btw., maximum raw transfer rate (without filesystem overhead) I've got here is around 950 KB/s which is the same as on my PC (USB 1.1 slot). If this driver will cause problems then there's still a possibility to use older driver as described in changelog from 05-FEB-2008;

* Improved .aac file autodetection algorithm. Thanks to 'lee99' for the sample clip;

* Added support for HE-AAC sound. Thanks to everybody who provided sample clips;