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PS3 NAND Dump Extractor

Uploaded by PS4 News - 12-30-2007

Filename: ps3nandex.exe



This tool is used to interleave, then byteswaps both dumps of the PS3 NAND.
Upon completion, it creates a 'user readable' file.

This file is then scanned by the tool, and the flash files are extracted to a folder.
This folder is named PS3Nand-XXX.XXXX, where XXX.XXXX is the SDK Version magic in the flash
(usually the version number of the firmware)

.B .A usually works, however in some cases .A .B order is required.
The tool was made by mainman, assisted by the Developers!

To compile ps3nand: gcc ps3nandex.c -onandextract

The following 'dumpable dumps' (via PS3 Infectus) when merged can be used for testing: