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MKV PS360 BETA 1 For PS3

Uploaded by PS4 News - 12-02-2007

MKV PS360 will try to convert your mkv fles into playable formats on xbox360 & ps3. It can create 2ch aac mp4 for xbox & 5.1 aac mp4 / ac3 files for ps3.
Its an update of my MKV2HDAVC for ps3 now supportng aac/xbox360 instead of just ac3.

To install copy the mkvps360 folder to your c: drive the run the app from there.

Note it requires a lot of hdd space for remuxing/transcoding.

Requires dot net framework.


Run GUI then choose your input file and save location.
Choose framerate & audio input type (AC3/DTS).
Then click convert if you picked PS3 AC3 h264info will open just type in 4.1 in levels
then press start once finished exit h264info.
Once finished try the vob/mp4 in console.

Beta 01:

1st release supports MKV with AC3 / DTS to mp4 or vob
Does not work on 1080p
AAC encoding at 512 kbps encodes at 448 kbps for some strange reason
Do not change any path info in h264info
If the process fails somewhere and you do not get the file saved where you asked delete all the temp files in c: and move/rename the movie.mkv to to your orignal file name