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PS3 Theme Builder v1.0

Uploaded by PS4 News - 11-15-2007

PS3ThemeManager.exe is a program that helps in the creation of PLAYSTATION(R)3 theme files by automatically building XML files and generating p3t files based on the input give it via the front end.

This software runs on windows and requires the .Net framework 2.0 to function.

To install simply drop PS3ThemeManager.exe into the root of the p3tcompiler_v101 folder.When the software is first run it will create a directory call Themes.

The Themes folder is the only place that the software can build themes in. Do not move this folder. Do not attempt to edit themes that do not reside in this folder.

The following is the known issues / limitations of this release:

-- Although you can set the font using the software, you can preview the font yet.
-- There is no localizedinfo support.
-- There is no pointer support.
-- I only support adding a single background image (in both HD and SD).
-- If you select an icon image with the same name as an existing icon image in your theme directory, it will be overwritten.

To use this tool you must do the following:

1. Install the Microsoft .Net framework 2.0

2. Download Sony's custom theme builder to a directory of your choice.

3. Download My PS3 Theme Manager and move the file PS3ThemeManager.exe to the same directory that you put Sony's theme builder software to.

4. Run PS3ThemeManager.exe

Permission and Restrictions on Use:
Use it how you want. It was written in C#, and I will gladly provide my source to anyone who wants
it. Or if you don't want to ask me for the source, feel free to disassemble it.

If you find a bug or have a request, you can email me as well @ sexxyman@gmail(dot)com
Please include "Theme Builder" in the title so I don't delete it.