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PSXLoader For PS3

Uploaded by PS4 News - 09-13-2007

Hermes, the Spanish homebrew creator behind the likes of PS2Reality Mediaplayer and Guitarfun for the PS2 has released a new loader for PS3 that will allow you to load PS2 homebrew. There are certain tools needed such as firmware greater than v1.90, Swap Magic and some BIOS files. However, for the moment it seems to execute only Guitarfan and Mediplayer PS2 homebrew, but it's good start all the same.

Sorry about this version, it is only for spanish people, because it contains a hard text to translate and it don't have time to try a good translation.

But this is the basic method:

- 1) You need Swap Magic 3.6+, one PS3 with firmware 1.90+ and one pendrive compatible
(yo can use the PSP console, for example)

- 2) create a virtual Memory card in PS3.

- 3) launch the app ulanchelf from the pendrive and create in the Memory Card B?DATA-SYSTEM directory (remember you, the sign ? must be replaced by E for Europe, A for America an I for Japan consoles)

- 4) Now copy a USBD.IRX from CD or DVD game to the B?DATA-SYSTEM directory in the MC (some USBD.IRX don't work in PS3, including the usbd homebrew). The app need 300KB to put here the BOOT.IMG file used to rebooting the IOP. This file is writed when you launch one app from psxloader.

- 5) Copy the psxloader folder of this release in the root folder on the pendrive

- 6) On psxloader/ you must copy the homebrew elf's

- 7) On psxloader/modules you must include here LIBSD, XMCMAN and XMCSERV from the PS2 BIOS.

- 8) Launch psxloader from the pendrive using SWAP MAGIC.

- 9) If the application say "connect or re-connect..." you must unplug and plug the pendrive and wait a time. For some reason, when usbd.irx is loadedor may be, when the IOP is reseting, some usb device can freeze.
From PSP it work fine.

- 10) If it always says "connect or re-connect" the usbd.irx used is not valid or the pendrive is not compatible.

- 11) You must see a elf list now. Use UP/DOWN to select and CROSS/CIRCLE to launch one app. Use SELECT to configure. the app selected

- 12) You can configure the boot mode to use XSIO2MAN, SIO2MAN and SMS mode (Mediaplayer). You can select a shortcut button to launch the elf directly
(L1, L2, R1, R2). Use UP/DOWN and CRROSS or CIRCLE to change options


- Some applications can freeze reading the swap magic disc. For example the PS2Realty Mediaplayer need you eject the disc before you enter in the browser.

- Remember you need unplug and plug the pendrive in the application before to read datas (or list files).

- This release is only tested in PS2, because i don't have PS3

- I have tested Guitarfun, PS2Reality Mediaplayer, PGEN, SNES STATION using BOOT A (XSIO2MAN) and the last release of SMS using the BOOT C method

- This application is designed ONLY for homebrew. Don't ask to me about methods to load PS2 games