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PSPIRC v1.0.4 For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 08-15-2007

Zx-81 returns with an update PSPIRC. This update features a new Search Channel menu that supports regular expressions, support for custom scripts, user interface tweaks, additional IRC commands such as who and whois, as well as various bug fixes and code optimizations.

v1.0.4 Changelog:

- New Search Channel menu with filter using regular expressions
- New menu for user permissions management (modes, ban, kick etc)
- New options such as custom colors, distinct colors for each
user and time stamp.
- Add feature to run any custom scripts
- Many server messages are now displayed with proper formatting.
- New commands such as Banlist, Who and WhoIS
- Display user permission in the user list
- Display unread tab in tabs list (with + flag)
- Add flags (red color) to see unread tabs
- Add option to write text like mIRC (beginning on bottom).
- New commands in the virtual keyboard
- Add feature to retreive last input (useful when you want to
enter the same kind of command several times)
- Add startup script feature
- Display right nickname in private channel
- Name Resolver is now blocking
(hope that will fix name resolution issue)
- Fix in the save log file (no more blank lines)
- Close all tabs before to disconnect
- Add second space key for Targus (mapping file)
- Bug fix & Code cleaning