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CWCheat v0.1.9 (Official) Rev B For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 08-13-2007


Here it is a new version of cwcheat: 0.1.9 REVB

This version discontinues the homebrew prx which is now useless as the
proper modality of startup is automatically recognized and the prx
starts in homebrew mode for VSH, 1.50/3.x Homebrew and official demos.
You may still press R during reboot to force homebrew mode and L to
force cwcheat to exit immediately. Other fixes are regard the db loading
function with irshell which didn't seem to like the space of 128kb
alloched for them so now it's build alloches kb which worked fine with
3.61. Last two thing were an additional check for usermode threads which
should fix games like "ghoul and gobling" and brave story (altough this
always worked fine for me), and the switch to gcc 4.1.0


- [DB DOWNLOADER] Updated the db download to work with the new server
- [GAME] added another check in the thread suspension runtimes to
increase compatability with games in some cases
(should fix ghoul and globin and brave story for those with
that problem, altough it always worked fine for me)
- [IRSHELL] reduced the space alloched to db loading function to half
(64KB). This will slow down db loading but should
improve compatibility with irshell.
- [GAME] The game prx can be now used either in 1.5x 3.x homebrews,
games and 3.x vsh without problems. it will
automatically select if it has to start in homebrew or game
mode. You can still force homebrew mode by using
R during bootup or disable completely cwcheat by using L
during bootup.
The only difference in the homebrew prx now is the different
config file. If no one really needs it i'm going
to remove the homebrew build with the different config file in
the next release.
- [ALL] fixed a little glitch in the goto function about the y position
in the memory editor.
- [ALL] built with gcc 4.1.0