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ThemePlus v1.0 Plug-In For CFW 3.x For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 08-12-2007


Do you have alot of wallpapers to show-off? Do you want them to be displayed randomly everyday? Worry no more! ThemePlus! is here! If you download now, this plugin will run everytime your PSP boots up. If it detects that your existing wallpaper is one day old, it will select another wallpaper randomly from your images folder and display it in NO TIME!!!

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!!! I'm also considering to release a gameboot version of ThemePlus!. What it does is everytime you run a game, it changes your gameboot randomly (daily or every run; am still not decided). Pretty much like becus25's rGameboot except:

- Unlimited gameboots (rGameboot is fixed with 3 gameboots only)
- Flashes the gameboots to Flash1 instead of Flash0. Since Flash1 is used to being updated everytime you change your settings, so its much more safe to flash the gameboots in Flash1.
- Downside? You have to decrypt and hex-edit your opening_plugin.prx to change the gameboot location from 'Flash0:/vsh/resource/gameboot.pmf' to 'Flash1:/vsh/resource/gameboot.pmf'.

How this plugin works?

- This plugin will run every time your PSP boots up
- It will compare the current system date/time with the creation/modification date of your existing wallpaper
- Note: The wallpaper's creation/modification date is replaced everytime you change your wallpaper
- If wallpaper's creation/modification date is 1 day earlier from the current system date/time, the plugin will replace the existing wallpaper with a new one randomly from your images folder on memory stick

How To Use

1. Extract the contents and copy all the contents of the folder MS_ROOT to the root of your memory stick
2. Edit your 'ms0:\seplugins\vsh.txt' and include 'ms0:\seplugins\themeplus.prx'
3. Open and edit the file 'ms0:\seplugins\themeplus\timezone.ini' and modify it based on your PSP's timezone.

Eg., If your PSP's timezone is -08:30, modify the contents with '-8:30' (without quotes). If it is +08:00, you can just simply replace it with '8', '8:00', or '+08:00' (without quotes). This is necessary to sync the timezone with the PSP's timezone since there's a problem getting the correct timezone in vsh plug-in.

4. Add/remove images from 'ms0:\seplugins\themeplus\images\' (Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection images included). The plugin accepts .BMP and .JPG image files. You can put any number of image files.


- If you feel that this plugin is not working, check the file 'ms0:\seplugins\themeplus\error.log' for error details. In that file you'll know if the plugin has encounterered errors or running fine.