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PSPIRC v1.0.2 For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 07-31-2007

Zx-81 returns with an update to his wireless IRC client for PSP. The updated release, PSPIRC v1.02, features a rewritten IRC engine, console window tabs, a new login menu, and support for joining multiple channels.

What's new in this version ?

- New IRC engine (based on Afkim IRC engine)
- Multiple channels support
- Private messages support
- New keyboard and mapping
- Display Channel and user list
- Add tabs in the console window
- New login menu with Nickname (previous login save
data are not compatible with this version)
- Handle password for IRC authentication
- Increase the text input field in the console window
- Add word list in the main IRC menu (let you choose
a word in a list, using word.txt file)
- Code cleaning
- Sprint PCS IR Keyboard support (thanks to Craig)