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CWCheat v0.1.9 (Official) For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 07-28-2007


With this release i will switch to the 0.1.9 series. From the next
version up to 0.2.0 the main focus will be fixes and optimizations.
With this release I've improved the text reader, which now can load one
text file for each game and it's loaded from
ms0:/seplugins/cwcheat/text/ and it's called as GAMEID.txt (where gameid is the one shown on the
top of cwcheat menu, just like how memory cards and the db works),
plus now every time the user exits from the text reader the position will
be saved so the next time it's opened it will be were it was left.
Another interesting addition is a goto function in the memory editor
which will let the user go directly were he wants without scrolling all
the ram.
The last additions are lite version of the pops and homebrew plugins
and now the homebrew plugins is added in the MS_ROOT folder making
installation easier.
As for the fixes I've improved the compatibility with games (like
GTA: LCS) and with the vsh by doing various modifications on the boot
process. And various fixes on the memory editor and disassembler which could
lead to a crash in some circumstances.


- [ALL] now the text reader loads txt files from
ms0:/seplugins/cwcheat/text/gameid.txt where game id is the id shown on
cwcheat, it works just like memory cards or _S db entries. In
this way you can store a txt file for every game.
- [ALL] now the text reader saves the old position upon exiting, in
this way everytime you return to the text reader it
will be were you left it, even if you reload the game. It will
be saved as gameid.pos in the same dir of the txt.
- [LITE] added an homebrew only lite prx: it's called cwcheathblite.prx
- [ALL] moved config loading from the volatile partition to the kernel
partition of the ram this should allow better
compatibility with games/homebrews/vsh. GTA: LCS is working
fine now even in m33 no umd modes (np9660/m33)
- [ALL] moved clock changing functions to the end of the cwcheat bootup
process this increased compatibility with the vsh
(now it's possible to use the homebrew prx or use R during
bootup to load cwcheat even without umd and without
freeze) and maybe also with homebrews and games
- [ALL] added a generic function to manage all numbers insertions in
cwcheat (this is mainly backend)
- [ALL] implemented a goto function accessible with select in the
memory editor: for now it's the only function using the
generic number insertion function. (NB: it will search for the
address before the entered one alligned to the bytes
you can see in a line)
- [ALL] fixed a bug in the disassembler which could lead to it going
before the user mapped area when opening it making
it crash.
- [ALL] now the cwcheat for homebrews can be installed easily as it's
put in the MS_ROOT folder
- [POPS] now when entering the memory editor from the cheat mod menu
the address is managed correctly
- [ALL] now the memory editor and disassembler cleans the screen right
when changing screens not only when exiting
- [LITE] added an POPS lite prx: it's called cwcheatpopslite.prx
- [ALL] the screen is cleared more in the disasm and memory editor to
avoid parts of the memory editor, cheat modifier or
disassembler remaining on screen
- [ALL] fixed a bug which could make the disassembler crash when making
a new cheat if entered from the memory editor while
selecting a not 4byte alligned address