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SMS (Simple Media System) v2.3 Rev2 For PS2

Uploaded by PS4 News - 07-22-2007

EEUG has updated this media application for PS2. Simple Media System is a DivX/Xvid/MP3 player for the PS2. Includes language file examples.

New in this release:

- added functionality to launch applications from USB device ("mass:") upon exit;
- network adapter driver is rewritten. Data transfer rate is reached ~2+MB/s;
- new configuration options are added to the SMS menu:
- 'Device settings -> Network settings' to configure network adapter operation mode.
There're 3 options:

- autonegotiation;
- automatic (various modes are tried and first available is selected);
- manual (duplex mode (half or full) and protocol (10Base-T or 100Base-TX));

- 'Display settings -> Advanced settings' to fine tune video synchronization parameters (to avoid display flickering in different video modes). 'Parameter 1' is for 'audio playback' mode and 'Parameter 2' is for GUI/Browser mode.

- fixed 'crash' issue for 'ogg' files (thanks to 'vectis' for the sample clips);