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CWCheat v0.1.8 (Official) Rev C For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 07-21-2007

This is a new version of cwcheat: 0.1.8 REV.C.

This new version added a nice option to clear memory card in pops:
usefull if you don't want saves from the old cd when loading the save made
at disk switch. The disassembler now can also use the shortcut
rappresentation ($ in front of values/address and not in front of registers) to
enable this add DISASM SHRCUT= 1 in the config file.
Also new code types were added: the reverse pointer codes. They work
just like normal pointer codes but in reverse: While normal pointer codes
sums the offset these subtracts it.
The last interesting function is that now it's possible to edit
directly values in ram with the memory editor without having to make a cheat
to do so.
Finally for the fixes now the difference search is working again as the
last version didn't continue search but just exit to the cheat search


- [POPS] removed some useless debug information in the memory card
manager in case of operation successfull
- [POPS] added a clear/format option in the memorycard manager. It will
make your memory card empty just like if it was new.
(if you use this by mistake remove your memory stick and power
off the psp directly to avoid accidental
save of the new memory card status)
- [GAME] added reverse offset pointer codes. They work just like normal
pointer codes but the offset is subtracted and
not summed like the normal ones.
The format is the same except a little difference in the second
adress line:
8bit pointer inverse code 0x6aaaaaaa 0x000000vv 0x0003nnnn
16bit pointer inverse code 0x6aaaaaaa 0x000000vv 0x0004nnnn
32bit pointer inverse code 0x6aaaaaaa 0x000000vv 0x0005nnnn
- [ALL] added shortcut rappresentation to the disassembler. You can
enable it by putting DISASM SHRCUT= 1 in the config file
- [GAME/150] altough homebrew mode was available since one year ago (by
pressing R while booting up with a game prx)
now with m33 supporting a separate game150 mode for
plugins i've made a prx which automatically goes in
homebrew mode and uses a different config file to keep
configurations separated easily.
- [ALL] fixed a bug in the difference search which made it unusable
- [ALL] now it's possible to access the disassembler from the memory
editor by pressing SQUARE. The nearest (backward way)
4byte alligned adress will be selected as the first adress in
the disassembler
- [ALL] changed the button to make new cheats from the memory editor:
now it's TRIANGLE
- [ALL] now it's possible to edit values directly in the memory editor.
This will allow you to edit values without
having to make cheats. To enable value editing press your
confirm button (which is CROSS or CIRCLE if you swapped
buttons in cwcheat) this will allow you to edit the selected
value with UP/DOWN.
Then confirm with CROSS (or circle if you swapped buttons) and
abort with CIRCLE (or cross if you swapped button)
- [ALL] now you can change the value in the memory editor of +/- 0x10