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CWCheat v0.1.8 (Official) Rev B For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 07-14-2007

This is a new version of cwcheat: 0.1.8 REV.B.

There were a lot of additions and fixes in this version.
First of all a last minute fix for the new 3.51 m33 firmware which is
pratically restoring the way cwcheat loaded some versions ago.
Plus now it's available a new disassembler accessible from the cheat
search menu which can also make cheats, shows adresses in absolute mode
and other little things
Even the memory editor was improved with little things making it easier
to use.
Finally there were some fixes for unchecked cases in the fps counter
(which could lead to a crash), in the diff search, and other little
things you will be able to find in the changelog.


- [ALL] now the selected row and column are marked to allow easier use
of the memory editor
- [ALL] added a check aganist a case were a firmware function could
return a NULL pointer making cwcheat crash the psp
with the FPS counter enabled in some games when showing videos
- 0000023: [ALL] fixed the position of data entry lines when float was
selected with the diff and fixed value searches
- 0000015: [ALL] added some checks in the diff search about
unopenable/incomplete file to prevent crash during search when
the ms is full
- [ALL] now when you leave the memory editor if you return to it from
the cheat search menu it will go were you left it
the last time
- [ALL] now it's possible to remove spaces in the memory editor by
using MEMEDIT SPACE= # where # is 0 if you want to remove
spaces and see the dump continuous (this will allow to have up
to 23 bytes shown/line if ascii is disabled and up
up to 17 bytes shown/line if ascii is enabled) and 1 if you
want to have a space beetween the bytes
- [ALL] Added a disassembler
- [ALL] The disassembler can create 32bit codes starting from the
currently selected adress with CROSS
- [ALL] The disassembler will allow to scrool of +1/-1 istructions
(+4/-4bytes) with DOWN/UP and
+1000/-1000 bytes with R/L
- [ALL] The disassembler can show either relative and not relative
adresses in the adress column you can change this option
by DISASM AABSL = 0/1 if 0 it will show the relative adresses
just like the other modes else it will show the
absolute ones. In any case internally the adresses will still
be managed as relative so cheat making won't be
affected by this option and will work regularly
- [ALL] The disassembler can show values(normally offsets or adresses)
also in hex if DISASM HEXVAL= is set to 1 in the
configuration file
- [ALL] When you leave the disassembler if you return to it from the
cheat search menu it will go were you left it
the last time
- [GAME] Removed improvement to support 3.40OE as they made 3.51
completely incompatible and restored older startup systems
(cwcheat will startup later for now)