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PSP UAE v0.63 BE For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 07-14-2007

FOL has shared a new version of PSPUAE, changes / improvements are listed below.

Why the BE, we decided to name it 0.63 BE for Birthday Edition.

Also, with the recent memory increase. There will be some big states uploaded that were made for this version. 1 of the largest being 10.5 Megs.

V0.63 BE - FOL, GnoStiC, cmf update

- Removed alot of un-needed code, to gain usable memory (GnoStiC and cmf)
- Optimized code to gain speed (GnoStiC)
- Added alot of defines to gain speed (FOL and GnoStiC)
- Added define to allow 10.5MB of memory, not limited to 6MB anymore (FOL and cmf)
- Changed the delay and latency on sound to gain speed (FOL)
- Changed PSPUAE cpu cycle unit to 1, gave stable speed increase (FOL)
- Removed 0 from Auto Frame Skip, pointless as it slows emu down when hitting 0 (FOL)
- Removed Interpol code as it was broken since 0.60, removing this gave speed increase (GnoStiC)
- Fixed memory selection, now only valid amiga memory configs are selectable (cmf)
- Fixed Crash, where if no Backdrop was present PSPUAE would crash PSP (FOL and cmf)
- Fixed Interrupts setting in sound, as it was still produing sound (FOL and GnoStiC)
- Added AutoZoom check to PSPUAE reset command, so each reset will turn off AutoZoom. This
stops the crash with certain configs, when AutoZoom was on. Simply Press and hold
L & R Trigger and SELECT after reset to turn it back on (FOL)
- Removed support for Loader and Tiff exploits as it was causing crash in
Custom Firmware. (FOL)