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CWCheat v0.1.8 (Official) Rev A For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 07-07-2007

This is a new version of cwcheat: 0.1.8 REV.A.

This revision is mainly pointed towards cheat searching as the memory editor
is now more flexible being possible to custumize it through the cwcheat config
files by modifying the number of bytes shown and if the ascii interpretation
should be shown in the right of it. The other interesting big function is the
text searcher which will let the user search for texts up to 30 chars in ASCII/UNICODE/ASCII+UNICODE and with a case sensitive/unsensitive search. The
third interesting thing is that now it's possible to rename cheats in the cheat
selection screen (with the same input system as the one used in the text search
system). Then there are also other little things which you will be able to find
in the changelog.



- [ALL] now there is an header with the index (addr, +byte, ASCII) in
the memory editor
- [ALL] now it's possible to choose if ASCII should be shown on screen
in the memory editor with ASCII ENABLE = 0/1 in the
- [ALL] now it's possible to choose the number of bytes shown on screen
in the memory editor (0-13 with ASCII enabled, 0-17
with ASCII disabled)with MEMEDIT BYTES= # where # is the number
of bytes
- [ALL] added checks in the memory editor for the starting adress to
avoid going out of range
- [ALL] added effectively L/R scrolling support in the memory editor.
they will scroll of -/+ 0x10000
- 0000017 [ALL] added a simple text insertion method which you can
navigate with LEFT/RIGHT and change text with UP/DOWN.
Middle dots are considered end of line, everything modifyied
after then will be discarded.
- 0000017 [ALL] Now it's possible to edit cheat names. To do so press R
TRIGGER + CROSS while selecting the cheat name you
want to change. To discard changes press O (or X if you swapped
buttons) and to confirm changes press X
(or O if you swapped buttons)
- [ALL] now the cheat search menu will allow the user to press UP when
selecting the first option to get to the latest one
and viceversa (just like most of the other menus)
- [ALL] new options in the cheat search menu: start text search and
continue cheat search. They are meant to start and
continue a search for a text
- 0000017 [ALL] Added a text search system. It supports up to 30 chars,
encoding and can be case sensitive/unsensitive
- [ALL] The text search system can autosense if it has to make unicode
or ascii codes (unicode codes skips the second byte).
A codeline is made for each char and the current char is copied as
- [ALL] changed the space used by the db reading functions to < = 128kb
(this space is alloched during bootup and freed after