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CWCheat v0.1.8 (Official) For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 06-30-2007


Here it is a new version. we leave the 0.1.7 series and go to 0.1.8.
This version finally has the requested memory editor which can let you
see the memory in HEX/ASCII, make cheats out of it or check the area of
ram found from a search with the diff/fixed value searches or the
addresses from an already made cheat.

This is to be considered still a work in progress so i'd like to get
some suggest on what/how to complete it's implementation. Then two possible
buffer overflow exploits were fixed. One infected the database reloading
function which could make clones of cheats, add cheats which wasn't of the
current game or just cheats from the other database in the cheat list, with
the risk of crashes when enabling incorrect cheats.

The other one infected the db reading functions and was exploited by
some games with game or cheat names outside cwcheat specifications (for
example the final fantasy I anniversary edition in the main db which is
bigger than the 36 chars limit) which seems to lead for some users to
the screenshoot function activating even if disabled.

The last fix was about pops which read the id of the game launched
before the one you are going to play leading to problems with the loaded
cheat list.

The last change is a new prx called cwcheatlite.prx which is the same
as cwcheat.prx but with cheat searching and memory editor functions
removed so it takes just 75KB versus 95KB of the normal prx.



- [ALL] fixed a bug which could lead to codes from other
games/databases being put in the cheat list when loading
a different database: this lead also to codes remaining in
list, the game name not changing when reloading
a db which contained the same game with a different name and
other bad things made by data remaining and possible crashes
- [ALL] fixed various buffer overflows in the db reading functions
regarding game and cheat name. This seemed to lead to
strange behaviors with the screenshoot function for some users.
- [POPS] fixed a bug which could load ids of pops game launched before
than the one being loaded if there isn't a cold
boot beetween them or a psp game being loaded
- [ALL] added a memory editor which can show the ram in HEX/ASCII
- [ALL] added to support to make cheats from a selected ram position in
the memory editor (with x)
- [ALL] added support in the result screen of the cheat searcher to
show the memory editor in the position of the found
result (press [] to show it when selecting a found adress)
- [ALL] added support to show the memory editor from the edit cheat
menu for fixed value write codes (0x0 0x1 0x2). (press
/_\ to show the memory editor when selecting a codeline)
- [PACKAGE/GAME] Added a LITE version of cwcheat with all cheat search
and memory editor functions removed. It's called cwcheatlite.prx.