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PSPins v1.1

Uploaded by CJPC - 08-09-2005

i15 has released update v1.1 to PSPins - PSP Install System, a front-end that has the ability to execute a "script" file in order to install or uninstall a game in the Memory Stick of the PSP.

- Fixed bug in copy function
- Added new script functions

- Could be launch directly from a CD-ROM / DVD-ROM
- Support files in ISO, RAR and ZIP format
- Show image of the game in PNG, JPG format
- Automatic detection of Memory Stick Drive
- Automatic detection of total space needed to install the game
- Sort by game name or game size
- Allows sorting the Icons in GAME folder to hide corrupted data
- Multi-language support (just change the "PSPins.lng" file)
- Integrated script editor with syntax highlight