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Custom XMB With No Flashing Plug-In Mod v1.1 For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 06-10-2007

Custom XMB plug-in is a custom firmware plug-in that makes it easier for PSP fans to customize their XMB. The developer states that the app makes no changes to system files in the PSPs Flash 0 but instead redirects the path file to ms0 by conducting a memory patch. This problem "fixes the problem that logo shows upon gameboot can't be clear."

Here is a plug-in for CFW, It cant be easier to customize your XMB with this plugin in your system, It makes no change to your system files in Flash0, It just redirect the resource file path to ms0: by Hooking some funtions and doing some memory patch. so, you know, It's always safe, you never have to take the risk of breaking your PSP in customizing XMB.
It is a part of SCEP project, so a XMB theme controller would be brought into SCX... this module would be the core of that.

6/8 update: fix the problem that logo shows upon gameboot cant be clear.