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PSP Wardrobe v4 For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 06-01-2007

Mr. Shizzy has released an update for his PSP theme. Called PSP Wardrobe, this homebrew app lets users easily flash a theme for their PSPs. It can currently handle up to 24 full XMB themes and lets users see a preview of a selected theme.

With this update, PSP Wardrobe is now at version 0.4. Here’s a list of what’s changed since the last version:

Boots up faster (all saftey checks are still in tact though)
Increased supported number of themes from 10 to 24
Increased supported number of XMB Mods from 1 of each mod to 12 of each mod-
now fullscreen previews of all mods & themes
New main menu art by Mr_Nick666
Added Create-A-Theme feature
USB MOD (L & R shoulder buttons activate/deactivate USB in Wardrobe main menu)
Cleaned up a bit. All preview screens now go in PSP>>GAME150>>Wardrobe>>” Preview Screens” Folder
bug fixes

PSP Wardrobe is for the 3.30 OE, 3.30 OE-A2 and 3.40 OE custom firmware. As with any homebrew app that uses the PSP’s flash memory, be very careful when installing this program as there’s always a chance of breaking your PSP.