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Ico Applicator v2 For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 06-01-2007

Jojodu0010 and Marc6310 released a new version of their project Ico Applicator. What this program does is change the icon used for the PSP’s memory stick when it’s connected to a PC unit. One good feature of this app is that it doesn’t tinker with the flash of your handhelds.

The rather boring “Removable Disk” icon will appear whenever you hook up your PSP to a PC and turn its USB mode on. With Ico Applicator installed, the said icon can be changed to a PSP icon.

Changelog for Ico Applicator v2:

-Better management of the RAM
-Addition of the logo
-Addition of 11 additional icons
-You can remove the icon and return to your good old Removable Disk icon
-You can now choose the name of your reader which was automatically called “My PSP” in the first version
-Fewer spelling mistakes in the homebrew

There are two different versions included, for both FW 1.50 and FW SE/OE users. Installation is pretty much similar to the first version.

Pressing the directional keys or the analog moves the onscreen cursor, pressing “X” selects an icon, pressing L/R moves between the selection pages, while “Start” will exit the app.

To get Ico Applicator working:

UnRAR the file, and unload its contents into the GAME/GAME150 folder.
Run the application
Choose an icon
Exit the app
Connect your PSP to a PC via USB mode

If you followed the instructions correctly, the icon you picked out should display in place of the generic disk icon.