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Ico Applicator For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 05-29-2007

Jojodu0010 and Marc6310 have just announced the release of a new application, titled Ico Applicator. This app will allow users to change the icon their PSP’s memory stick displays when it’s hooked up to a PC, and carries 60 different icons to choose from.

Pressing the directional keys or the analog moves the onscreen cursor, pressing “X” selects an icon, pressing L/R moves between the selection pages, while “Start” will exit the app.

To get Ico Applicator working:

UnRAR the file, and unload its contents into the GAME/GAME150 folder.
Run the application
Choose an icon
Exit the app
Connect your PSP to a PC via USB mode

If you followed the instructions correctly, the icon you picked out should display in place of the generic disk icon.