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SDL MAME v114u4 For PS3

Uploaded by PS4 News - 05-22-2007

Updated the MAME core to .114u4. (addition of “init & (small) x11”).
Big Bug Fix: No need to reboot to change game– from mame, sixaxis ‘select’ button returns to psmallphront pronto. Also includes compiled Blu-ray disc burning utilities (PS3-compiled versions of dvd+rw-tools, which I have verified to work with a Phillips spd7000 hooked to a PS3).

Version d of psmallphront has index-up (sixaxis L1) and -down (R1) on 2nd character (useful for navigating large sets of ROMs). Updated mame/cfg/default.cfg to include X-Arcade dual stick support, and additional ps3 sixaxis control button mappings (start=pause, ps3=config menu, select=ESC, etc.).

ps: fix for x-arcade stick 2 right added.