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HDBDSplitGUI v1.0.0.2 For PS3

Uploaded by PS4 News - 05-16-2007

Play blu-ray movies without disc- FULL INSTRUCTIONS!

Directions on getting decrypted blu-ray titles on ps3 hard drive.

Tools Needed/Used:

Back-up Blu-Ray v0.21 (
HDBDSplitGUI.exe (included)
xport (included)
TMPGEnc Plus (not included)

Open up HDBDSplitGUI and split .m2ts file into up to 3.9 gb chunks.

Open up xport and demux all .m2ts file parts, one by one using this command:

xport -h Mymovie.m2ts 1 1 1

It will demux movie to wherever xport is located

usage: xport

Open up TMPGEnc Plus and mux all .m2v and mpa together one by one into Program stream. You should end up with 4 or 5 .mpg files all playable on ps3.

Copy to ps3 hdd using external hdd and play or burn to dvd. 2 dual layers are cheaper than 1 bluray. If you are going to burn them to dvd, split accordingly. This ONLY works for mpeg-2!