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Back-up Blu-Ray v0.21

Uploaded by PS4 News - 05-16-2007

Here it is, BackupBluRay V0.21!

Update: Here is a new version! File buffering and reading process was buggy...
There is still some bugs that needs to be fixed. (Alpha version!)

Original ReadMe:

This release is not for everyone! This is only for those who wants to experiment with early version of Blu-ray decryption.

Known limitations:

Don't support BD+
Don't support Volume unique key
Only support one CPS unit key per disc
I don't clear the HDMV_copy_control_descriptor in the stream
Don't have any FAQ or document so far...

You have to provide your own CPS unit key.

The playback seems to work with VideoLan

Because I don't have any Blu-ray equipment, I will need the help of the community to go further with Blu-ray decryption.

I have only test this with one video file...

Stay tuned!