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CWCheat v0.1.7 (Official) Rev C For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 05-14-2007

Here it is a new version of cwcheat: 0.1.7 REV C. this new version features various fixes concerning remapsp (which made it crash), support for float search in memory and support for VME read/write in 3.40 and VME read in other firmwares. plus various enhacement were made to optimize the size and to fix various bugs. Other enhacements include also a new cheat insertion method which uses database format to input codes and fixes on the db content.


- [ALL] now it's possible to do pg up/down in the text reader
- [ALL] optimizations and removal of various part of the code to reduce
prx size
- [ALL] added an entry for the memory editor (disabled for now)
- 0000005: [POPS] now it's possible to use again the memory card
manager functions with older pops loaded trough popsloader
or with an old OE CF
- 0000001: [ALL] Fixed a buffer overflow in the remaps selection screen
which could make cwcheat crash and show some
graphic glitch when selecting a file with a long name.
plus a better check for the file opening process
was added
- 0000002: [ALL] added float support in the fixed/diff search
- 0000003: [ALL] fixed the macro support which didn't work and crashed
cwcheat while loading the macro. this was caused by
an old reference to older folders which is now fixed.
plus a check for the presence of the file was added
to prevent crash with wrongly referenced macros
- added support to save (only 3.40)/read (all Firmware) *.VME memory
- various fixes
- [SITE] added more checks in the cheat add functions
- [SITE] now it's possible to add cheats by pasting the db snippet of
the game+cheats you want to add
- [SITE] fixed various glitches in the db, if you find something like
"_L 0" "_L " "_L 0 0" or other wrongly
formatted entries please report them
- [SITE] Added a lot of missing images
- [SITE] removed various "cloned"/with bad id/with missing game name or
id games


- [POPS] added support for memory cards manager in 3.40 OE