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PSPXTI (TI-92) Calculator v1.1.0 BETA For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 05-12-2007

Zx-81 has updated PSPXTI, a full-fledged TI-92 calculator emulator for PSP- which is based on the work of Jonas Minnberg and Misha Nasledov's TI-92 calculator emulator known as XTiger for Unix operating systems.

Changes in this new release of PSPXTI include the ability to choose between multiple virtual keyboard types using the L and R shoulder buttons, an improved user interface, a new background, an enhanced help menu, a delete files option, and a small bug fix in the file requester.


- New user interface !
- Use Virtual keyboard !
- Use SDL library
- Render mode max (fullscreen)
- Add keyboard mapping menu
- New help window
- New background image
- Multiple keyboard mappings feature :
You can now toggle between 3 different keyboard mapping using
LTrigger and RTrigger keys
- Delete files option
- Bug fix in the file requester