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RemoteJoy r2 PSP Video PRX Mod For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 05-12-2007

RemoteJoy r2 PSP Video In A Window on your PC! I'm dead tired after figuring out how to compile SDL apps natively for Cygwin without using MinGW so this is going to be brief. I'm sure many of you have seen/heard about the neat ability Tyranid added to his RemoteJoy app in the PSP Link USB package. It allows you to send the video from your PSP out over the USB cable and into a window on your PC.

I had been trying to figure out how to compile it and get it working under Windows.

Then tubo started working on a little tutorial (included) and saved me a lot of effort.

Unfortunately it was only for Linux. Well, I wasn't going to install Linux just for this (I'm a FreeBSD guy but don't have it installed either). I therefore learned how to install and setup Cygwin for Windows, SDL and the PSP Dev kit. It took a lot of work but I finally got it to compile and work under Windows.

Just follow the tutorial tubo wrote and where he says to run pcsdl replace that with remotejoy.exe. All the PC files needed are in the PC directory and likewise the PSP files are in the PSP directory. The Windows USB drivers are in the PC\Windows directory.

Oh yeah.. it's a little buggy. I also was getting about 19-20ish fps on it. It also would lock lock up when I went to the Video section. I haven't tested it to much so proceed with caution! I'm not responsible if your PSP dies!