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Vice C-64/128 Emulator For PS3 Linux

Uploaded by PS4 News - 05-04-2007

Hi again all,

I recieved emails asking how i got the commodore 64/128 etc. emulator working, so i thought i'd post it here so everyone could have one place to get it from.

The newest source code version is 1.21, but i could only get 3/4 through the compilation process with gcc before it failed. If anyone can sucessfully complile this version for PS3 ppc linux core please post here to share.

I was going to post where i found Vice 1.19 ppc rpm file, but it was no longer available on the web so i will post it here to make everyone's lives even easier. I just logged into root, opened a terminal window, changed directory to where i extracted the .rpm file and typed "yum install vice-1.19-2mdv2007.0.ppc.rpm" if i remember correctly. (can rename file to something shorter) After installation, open a terminal window in gnome session and type x64 or x128 and violla! Instant Classic Gaming Heaven!

I like to set the window to double size under the VIC II tab and set joysticks settings to joy_0 and joy_1 to use ps3 controllers. swap em if some games don't respond with the 1st controller port. I may have added a 2nd sid chip in SID sound settings to get sound even better (sorry been a awhile since i 1st did it) don't 4get to save your settings once you get it the way u like it.

As much as I love all 3 of my Pstations, C64 is still my fav console of all time (most original fun games, apps, homebrew). Hope this is enough 4 others to enjoy as well. Please reply here if you get it to work, as i'd like to know if i helped anyone and jus to hear from other emu gamers.