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PSPXT (PlayStation Portable XMB Tester) v1.00 Full For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 04-30-2007

superskull85 has updated PSPXT (PlayStation Portable XMB Tester) to 1.00 FULL. He’s got some more goodies that weren’t previously available in his PSPXT Lite. The PSPXT “will simulate how your XMB will look on your computer before actually computing your RCO’s and flashing them to your PSP.”

Don’t confuse this for an application that will help you check out those themes that are already created. Instead, what it does is to just allow you to preview your XMB without flashing it.

Here are the new features included in this FULL version:

-Added the ability to change transparencies for each XMB
-Added the ability to hide/show menu names during navigation
-Included some security checks
-Rearranged PSPXT's file structure so that I could reduce the size of the total program
-Added additional security to lessen errors you may face
-Fixed the icon positioning bug. Positions will now reset from XMB to XMB.
-Created default theme
-Included a preview for my upcoming layout. Check it out!!

Known Bugs:

-When selecting the respective item after a quit from that exact item the bullet color doesn't change.
-To exit transparencies you need to do a double input of q or Q to exit to the main menu.
-Transparencies can't be set manually