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DJSP v0.13a for PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 08-07-2005

Andy Fung has released the latest version of his DJSP MP3 player, v0.13a. Here are the changes in this version:

- 3 new visual (Plasma Desuka, Remixed Chaos, and Aqua Space), brings to a grand total of 10 visuals!
- Option to Cross Fade between Visuals (Per Song, 1 min, 2 min, 5 min, Off) Press Select to bring up the Options Window.
- Now searches for all MP3s in /PSP/MUSIC/ including subfolders.
- Implemented skip to Previous or Next Song. Press Left for previous and Right for Next. Holding Left will restart song, and Holding Right will Fast Forward.
- Much much faster Fast Forward with acceleration. Holding Right Longer seeks faster and faster.
- Implemented Headphone Remote Support.
- Altered code to load essential files from installed folder/directory.
* It means that you can use any of the corrupt icon hiding programs and DJSP will still work.
* Also means all those people with mp3 window freezing problems can now run the program.
- When exiting the program, you have to press the Home Key instead of Select. I needed Select.
- Other small bug fixes. (They are more like ants this time compared to those earlier roaches)
- Rewrote and added more concise instructions in the readme.txt